3 Ways Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Alleviate Chronic Migraines


Most people have experienced a migraine in their lives. According to statistics, 4.9 million people in Australia suffer migraines. When migraines become chronic, they can affect one's productivity, social life and overall wellbeing. Also, affected individuals may need to take painkillers every day to manage the pain. But what if you didn't have to rely on medicine to treat your headaches? 

Chiropractic treatment is a natural alternative to headache management. Treatment involves aligning the spinal cord, brain and nerves to promote self-healing. Below are three ways chiropractic treatment can help alleviate chronic migraines.

Spine alignment

Most headaches and migraines arise because of spine misalignment. Most people today lead sedentary lifestyles, with little or no physical activity. Habits such as sitting for long hours and moving very little can promote spine misalignment. A misaligned spine presents symptoms such as back, neck and shoulder pain, leading to migraines.

During a chiropractic adjustment, the physician aligns the spine by employing various hands-on and machine-guided techniques. The treatment relieves tension and pain in the spine and entire back. It also eases nerve irritation from spine misalignment. With no back, neck and shoulder pain, individuals experience fewer episodes of migraines.

Stress alleviation

Human bodies react to stress by releasing chemicals that cause physical changes to the body. These physical changes often materialise as headaches and migraines. Additionally, when stressed, most people become tense. They tighten neck muscles, clench the jaw and slump their shoulders. These actions cause the entire body to tense, leading to headaches.

Chiropractic treatments have both physical and mental effects. During an adjustment, the back, neck and shoulder muscles relax and release tension. Massage therapy is also a part of chiropractic care, and it boosts blood flow to the entire body. Massage therapy also stimulates the production of positive hormones such as endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. These hormones encourage relaxation, which is a great catalyst for alleviating stress-related migraines. 

Lifestyle modifications

Chiropractic treatment aims at creating overall wellness by promoting positive lifestyle changes. Thus, during your sessions, the chiropractor will advise you on lifestyle modifications to prevent chronic migraines. Some of these include:

  • Incorporating physical activity into your daily routine
  • Adopting a good posture when working or sitting 
  • Eliminating stress triggers and adopting stress management techniques
  • Avoiding migraine triggers such as noise, flickering light and odours
  • Adopting healthy sleeping patterns

Anything can cause migraines, from a stressful day at work to a poor diet or unhealthy sleeping patterns. Besides adjusting your spine and back, a chiropractor can help you identify migraine triggers within your environment.

You don't have to endure chronic migraines throughout your life. Chiropractic treatments can help manage the headaches, control the triggers and restore your quality of life!


8 January 2021

Walking Proof: Singing The Praises Of Chiropractors

As a chiropractor's receptionist, I have become a walking advertisement for the profession. I run marathons as a hobby and also study part-time. You can imagine the mental and physical strain I impose on my body daily. Pounding the pavements, long hours sitting at a computer and the stress of preparing for exams were taking their toll before I started this job. Fortunately, the lovely clinic where I work provides chiropractic treatments for free. I can honestly say that my aches are almost gone and I have never felt so relaxed, yet alert, when doing exams. I had never considered visiting a chiropractor before, but now I actively recruit friends and family when they complain about ailments. I hope the entries on this blog alert everyone to the broad range of services that chiropractors offer and dispel any concerns. I am certainly a very happy convert!