When Should You See a Doctor for Your Back Pain?


No pain should ever be ignored or overlooked, especially if it's debilitating and chronic. However, many people live with back pain because they don't think it's a symptom of anything serious and because they often assume that doctors cannot do anything for that pain. Note a few considerations to keep in mind when it comes to your back pain so you know when to see a doctor and what he or she might recommend as treatment.

Obesity and weight gain

Have you recently gained weight or do you know that you're very overweight, or outright obese? Remember that the back muscles need to work to support your body when you stand or sit, and the more weight you're carrying, the harder those muscles need to work. Think of someone at the gym lifting just a few pounds or kilograms, and then consider how much harder their muscles need to work to lift another ten pounds or kilos, or another fifty. The more weight added, the harder the body's muscles work, whether it's working to lift a barbell or working to keep the body upright. If you have back pain and are overweight, your doctor may help you lose that weight first before considering any other treatment options.

Interfering with sleep

When you lie down at night, this helps to alleviate some pressure on the back, as it's not working so hard to keep you balanced and upright. Putting a pillow under your knees can also alleviate this pressure. Since your back should be more relaxed at night, if your back pain is so severe that it actually wakes you up, especially from a deep sleep, you need to see your doctor. This often means that the muscles are injured or otherwise damaged so severely that they cannot relax at night and be strong enough to work properly during the day.

Deformity of the spine

If you have consistent back pain, you might note if your spine seems to be deformed or out of alignment. It can be helpful to ask someone else to look at your back and note if it seems to curve in one direction. If so, this can mean a spinal injury or defect that is not going to simply go away in time, and which might get worse as you get older. A doctor can note if you need surgery or a brace of some sort to keep your spine aligned and alleviate your back pain.


30 June 2016

Walking Proof: Singing The Praises Of Chiropractors

As a chiropractor's receptionist, I have become a walking advertisement for the profession. I run marathons as a hobby and also study part-time. You can imagine the mental and physical strain I impose on my body daily. Pounding the pavements, long hours sitting at a computer and the stress of preparing for exams were taking their toll before I started this job. Fortunately, the lovely clinic where I work provides chiropractic treatments for free. I can honestly say that my aches are almost gone and I have never felt so relaxed, yet alert, when doing exams. I had never considered visiting a chiropractor before, but now I actively recruit friends and family when they complain about ailments. I hope the entries on this blog alert everyone to the broad range of services that chiropractors offer and dispel any concerns. I am certainly a very happy convert!